Toads On Trade
Tater returned home and introduced his beautiful bride. He told them all about his adventures, the amazing places he saw and all of the exotic bugs he ate.
“But ah,” he said, “there truly ain’t a better place than home.”
This is why they chose to come back to the Upstate and settle in Greer with the rest of his kin.  At least there, he could still hear the rumble and whistle of the train to remind him of his travels.
Tater’s sister, Tess, was the first to ask if he had met any famous people along the way. Tater mentioned his encounter with the famous singer, Tino. He seduced many young lady toads with his rough and gritty voice. (He also played a mean fiddle.) Tater told Tino all about Greer and with a little luck may have convinced him to bring his talents here. Little cousin, Timmy was hopping as high as he could go, excited that he might actually meet a real life celebrity.
“Uncle Tater! Uncle Tater!” cried Timmy. “Think he’ll give me an autograph? Do ya? Do ya? Huh?”
“Calm down, ‘lil Timmy,” said Aunt Tully. “We’ll just have to wait and see. Besides, now’s time to catch up with Tater and Tallulah.”    

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